Zelda, Videos, and More

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After finally figuring out how to play Zelda (guides rock), I finally got pretty far in the game (my idea of far). I received The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii for Christmas and I have to say it’s refreshing to play a console game again. I was enjoying the lack of interaction, drama, noobs, etc. I made it passed the Twilight Realm and transformed back into regular Link. I then got to chill with some whacked out monkeys (still no clue why the creators chose monkeys) and I’m very close to my first boss battle.

A few things I like about Twilight Princess as opposed to Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask is that you can retry from wherever you left off how ever many times you want. Definitely a plus for someone who totally sucks ass at games (like me). Twilight Princess is a bit more modern in it’s storyline and more abstract than previous versions, which is a plus. It also isn’t as freaky as Majora’s Mask (that shit scared me when I was like 6-7 man!) and the graphics are the best ever, not to mention the kick ass website. Even though I only played it for one night, it’s totally awesome.

I plan to get to work on some videos at some point. Maybe on the MapleNews channel…maybe not…who knows. I have a few ideas, any suggestions are appreciated! MSIVillains is a bit inactive thanks to school (mental flip off). Ugh.


New Year Update

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I haven’t posted in quite a while, just dropping by to give a quick update. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and are excited about the new year. A few things that happened.

  1. I created my guild, MSIVillains.
  2. I hit level 35
  3. Made some kick ass friends.
  4. Got that cool Maple Veteran Roll Call NX Outfit

Just some general things that happened. I’m most excited about my new guild, MSIVillains. We currently have 35 members and we were created on December 29th, 2008 (I think). All goes well, makes everything a lot more fun. Other than that, Christmas kicked ass…got some cool games for Wii: Super Smash Bros Brawl, The Legend Of Zelda – Twilight Princess. Wii wi-fi can be pretty decent depending on the other players’ connections. I got some cool CD’s as well…like the epic Chinese Democracy. I’m totally loving it, anyone who says Axl is washed up is a dumb ass in my opinion because the record kicks ass. School sucks (what else is new). Maple-News is doing well as always…going to make some cool updates soon…

Well, that’s pretty much it. Maybe a comic…maybe a video…maybe something else…who knows…but I guess check back if you’re interested?


New Website Layout

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I got bored…this one suits me…


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This is much, much, MUCH overdue! I finally got off my ass, bought a 2x EXP card for the next 10 days and kicked freaking ass on 2x to level twice to reach level 30 and become a Gunslinger. This has been my goal for so long and I should have reached it a long time ago if it were not for school, but I finally did it. I’ve updated the page on WeAreBullets contain any goals I have and the date I achieved them so there can always be a constant reminder of what I’ve accomplished.

Here are some pictures of level 30 and my advancement:








Oh, and I’d like to introduce my new friend, Velvet. I just had to get the Crystal Rudolph…she’s awesome. I also got an Auto HP and Auto MP bag since they were on sale for 900 NX. Totally kick ass.

Thanks for everyone in joining my journey thus far, I can’t wait to see where things go.



Merry Christmas!

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I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I had a lot of fun today…one of my presents was a $25 NX Card…I finally got my Crystal Rudolph (yay!)

I’m going to start working on my first comic…so stay tuned everyone!


Christmas In MapleStory

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Today was really cool. I was hanging out on MSN, and a friend and fellow colleague of mine, Braha, asked if I wanted a $10 NEXON Card. I was shocked, and refused…but he convinced me to accept it. No one has ever been that kind to me on GMS…I really owe him a big thank you.

I accidentally used it on the wrong account (lol fail) because it had previously had WeAreBullets (in Yellonde) on it so I thought it was my other account. I ended up gifting it to myself, so it was all good. I got two gold meso sacks and two bronze meso sacks! I’m finally not poor (woot)!

Here are some pictures:





Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

Dump Truck-Snow-Plow Thing Shoveling at 1 AM

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As I’m writing this some douchebag is in a fucking huge dump-truck type thing shoveling fucking snow outside next to my apartment. This is gay. Fuck my town.