A New Start

Hi friends and viewers,

I really don’t know where to begin. This last week has been hectic, insane, and just plain stupid. A lot of things have happened that have rocked me and taken away things I’ve worked very hard for…but I’d prefer not to get into that. I never thought I would make another blog, yet alone sooner rather than later.

Although I am unsure of what this blog will ultimately deal with, for now it will deal with my life, music, and my hobbies, one of which is a game called MapleStory. I recently started anew in the world Demethos when the release of the fifth and latest class, Pirates, was unveiled. I decided to become a gunslinger. My goal was to hit level 30 before 2x ended, but due to school work I was not able to reach that goal and fell short four levels. This blog will focus on my character, WeAreBullets, in his many adventures…I may even make a video or two.

Until next time, thanks for checking this out.

Oh yeah, and my name’s Harry.


~ by Spiral on December 13, 2008.

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