About Me


I love music. I play the drums, guitar, and sing. Music is what I want to do in life…particularly to be in a band. My Chemical Romance is my favorite band and I look up to them imensely. I also run a few websites here and there…like Maple-News.com…but that’s just for fun (ha ha).


I started playing MapleStory in 2004-2005 when MapleGlobal was still in beta version. I was introduced to it by my neighbor across the street. I wasn’t really hooked at first…and a bit confused since I had never played a computer game for a long period of time. Once beta ended and “MapleGlobal” was fully released, I was hooked.

I’ve been through many characters ranging up to a peak of level 105. Being a Pirate was a chance to do something new, otherwise I would probably just quit because of boredom. It’s a grind, so I don’t play as often as many hardcore players…generally when I can or when I’m bored and have nothing better to do.


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  1. Hello, Me lol Cool Knew most of it just stopping by,

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