The newest server in MapleGlobal, Demethos, drew a hefty crowd. The only server to have 4 weeks of 2x EXP and the only server to be released just in time for the Pirates class.

Joining Demethos

I was still playing in Scania before I joined Demethos. My friends had quit long ago so I was pretty much floundering and not doing much. I joined Demethos because I was convinced by the members of to join. I expected nothing, but made a lot of great friends.

It’s never too late

If you’re looking for a new start and maybe want to check out demethos, feel free to contact me or add me (if I have room at the time) and I’ll help you out anyway I can.


3 Responses to “Demethos”

  1. Heya, just dropping by. Followed your sig link from Southperry.

    I’m expecting the Demethos crowd to die down big time now that 2x is over, it’ll be good to have some SP friends though, so I added you.

  2. Or, I will add you when you have room.

  3. Cool. Thanks for the comments. I’ll see you in game sometime 😀


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