Everything Is Resolved

•December 16, 2008 • Leave a Comment

If you haven’t already read that the DMCA sent to Maple-News was fake, then I guess I’ll just have to fill you in. I run Maple-News.com, a MapleStory news website. We had received a DMCA notice that ended up to be a hoax used by someone who had a email masking script. To make a long story short, everything was cleared up.

—Moving On—

I really have had no time to even log on. If anyone reads this, don’t delete me just yet! Only one more week until the 13 day break from school, then it’s Demethos time!

Anyway…sorry for the corny and annoying update…I just figured I’d make the effort.



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Weird title since it’s like 7:45 PM…had some issues with MS…didn’t get on today…probably won’t…no more 2x makes me sad 😦

I’ll probably be picking up another NX card…any ideas on what I should get?

My current outfit (Minus the gun)

I’ll probably get a 2x card for Christmas break.

A New Start

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Hi friends and viewers,

I really don’t know where to begin. This last week has been hectic, insane, and just plain stupid. A lot of things have happened that have rocked me and taken away things I’ve worked very hard for…but I’d prefer not to get into that. I never thought I would make another blog, yet alone sooner rather than later.

Although I am unsure of what this blog will ultimately deal with, for now it will deal with my life, music, and my hobbies, one of which is a game called MapleStory. I recently started anew in the world Demethos when the release of the fifth and latest class, Pirates, was unveiled. I decided to become a gunslinger. My goal was to hit level 30 before 2x ended, but due to school work I was not able to reach that goal and fell short four levels. This blog will focus on my character, WeAreBullets, in his many adventures…I may even make a video or two.

Until next time, thanks for checking this out.

Oh yeah, and my name’s Harry.